Typical Therapies

My broad background means I have an intuitive understanding of the varying needs of my clients and the treatment techniques to which they will be most receptive. My original training, clinical experience and continuing professional education allow me to draw from a wide range of treatment therapies or ‘modalities’, some of which are briefly described below.

My approach is to work holistically, incorporating mindfulness, compassion and acceptance, and recognising that if a person is going to heal and make changes we need to work on all levels, seeing the person as a whole being. I am focused on creating a supportive, open environment in which an individual feels comfortable sharing their journey towards well-being with me, and enjoying my guidance and support. Some typical therapies are outlined below.


“As the great Chinese philosopher and teacher Confucius once said, “Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.” In the years that Lisa worked alongside me to help me recover from a serious breakdown, we developed a special therapeutic alliance. The kindness she showed throughout this process empowered me to grow strong and self-confident again. She worked in a holistic way that may have been painful at times in order for me to make the changes needed in my life, but always with a gentle mindfulness and compassion. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs an understanding therapist who enables the courage to heal in a meaningful way.”

Testimonial - Tara

“I was hesitant to see Lisa for the first time. I doubted she would “get” me or my problems — but she did, and isn't afraid to venture into the unknown together. That is what I most appreciate about working with Lisa: she brings a depth of experience to her practice but also a freshness, a curiosity. Lisa meets you where you are, while also reminding you of where you can be.”

Testimonial - R.S.